Before I visited Sylt for the first time, I scolded the German North Sea Coast like a barnyard rat.

Not because it lacked grace and beauty. No, it lacked dog-friendliness, good riding terrain, and accordingly, all the freedom I consider important.

Yes, and it lacked beaches too, so I thought.

As a fan of the dog-friendly Netherlands, I compared all the pain that the months in Germany had inflicted on us, with the joys of the Netherlands.

And then, then I came to Sylt. To a wintry Sylt, to which the local population briefly forgot their butt cheeks, worn down by wild tourist-dog-gangs, and welcomed our unleashed mongrels. Even shared the beach with them.

Sylt does not need to shy away from comparisons with the Dutch North Sea coast.

In my eyes, the most wonderful place in northern Germany and perhaps even the most beautiful North Sea island of all.

Even greater freedom was promised by the Danish North Sea island of Rømø, to which we also sailed. Rømø, however, we found to be relatively dreary. A wasteland, which suggests its only human inhabitants driving on the beach.

Maybe, no, definitely, it was the wrong season for Rømø. The right place at the wrong time, to put it with all precision.

But the feeling, as it always is, varies from soul to soul. In no way do we want to denigrate the wild Rømø. Because for our dogs, there was no Sylt and no Rømø. There was only freedom. And this one is promised by both islands.

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