Endless. Endless seem the duneworlds of the western coast of Noord-Holland. Endless seems the freedom on the miles-long beaches, which gently curve into the meter-high mountains of sand. Endless the relief to be here, after weeks of dog-ban-signs on the German North Sea coast.

We escaped to freedom and rented a house with fantastic dune views in the village of Julianadorp near Den Helder, for three months. Both of us associate the Netherlands with feelings of home. From childhood on, I spent every single holiday on the coasts of North or South Holland, while Sören lived and went to school here, for several years.

According to our experience, we knew that we would find here what we were missing on the German coasts. And so we spent all days and many a night on the beaches and in the dunes of the northern tip of the Netherlands.

Icy winds, biting sandstorms and snowy seascapes, made up the bulk of our early winter stay.

We also visited the island of Texel twice, but fell in love with the mainland coast in particular. We looked for dog bans here in vain. Even after all the years of traveling and the countries we have lived in, the dune trails of Noord-Holland remain unmatched in beauty and it’s sense of freedom.


Follow Up:

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