It was only by chance, that we spent an afternoon at the Rheinauen in Bonn, after having had an appointment in the city before.

It was a warm, late summerday and we were drawn to the water. We drove a bit haphazardly towards the Rhine, looked for a parking spot on a residential street somewhere, and took a stroll.

Since I had my camera with me due to the previous appointment, i seized the moment and grasped the opportunity to shoot some pictures in the Rheinauenpark.

In the early Monday afternoon, we had the meadows almost for ourselves. However, the closer the rush hour approached, the more crowded the park became, until it was finally so crowded, that one cyclist after another whizzed past us.

We do more than recommend the Rhine wetlands in the western Rhineland, whether in Cologne, Bonn, Monheim or Dormagen, for dogwalking. If you’re longing for peace and quiet and relaxed off-leash time for your dog, you should be there by early afternoon during the week and avoid weekends and rushhours.

Swimming in the Rhine should be taboo for dogs, however, except for designated shallow swimmingbays. Due to the powerful current, not only countless people, but also many dogs find death in the raging river, every year.