Translucent atmospheres.

It‘s 2018 on the heights of Solingen.


It is already October and Tia and Sandy have been with us for three months. They know all the surroundings of Solingen. That city in which I grew up and which I never learned to love. Accordingly, I long to move on, hoping, that Tia and Sandy will also find pleasure in the vagabond life.

This walkie-shooting should be the last one in Solingen. The sun is leaning towards the horizon and the first stage of our journey together is coming to an end. The beginning is now past. The future rolls once around the globe, while we dream of it at night.

Tia and Sandy love sunsets, because sunsets are followed by nightfall. Darkness promises the most exciting walks. The game goes out to stalk around. Crickets and birds sing loudly of the ending day. When vision fades with the fading sunlight, the true awakening of the senses and thus of sentient life begins.


Or as Hermann von Gilm used to say, 1885, in his poem – The Night:


Out of the forest steps Night,
Out of the trees she softly steals,
Looks around her in a wide arc,
Now beware..

All the lights of this world,
All flowers, all colors
She extinguishes, and steals the sheaves
From the field.

She takes everything that is dear,
Takes the silver from the stream,
and from the Cathedral’s copper roof,
She takes the gold.

The bushes are left, stripped naked,
Come closer, soul to soul;
Oh, I fear that the night will also steal
You from me.


Or to put it in my own words:

“Sören, there are deer over there, call the dogs back quickly, I can’t, I’m filming something.”