The dog’s meadow.

Astonishing fun.

It’s the year 2018 in the Hildener Heide in western Germany.


The title “dog’s meadow” is not quite right. It implies a fenced area, which is specially designed for dogs.

This actually once existed on the left side of the heath. However, it was dissolved and the unofficial meadow was moved to the right side of Hildener Heide, to the site of a former glider airfield. Shortly after, the huge field was extensively fenced off, to be used for sheep herding to this day. We still call this track a dog’s meadow, even though it is a normal walking area through woods and fields, on which, however, an above-average number of dogs are still to be found.


The following photos show our first official walkie shooting, after Tia and Sandy moved in. At that time, they were still walking in their harnesses, so that I could leash them for longer distances if necessary. I never had to. They walked pretty quickly, pretty perfectly and so it happened, that they were soon allowed to only wear collars in nature, which satisfied their sense of freedom.